One in five organisations miss opportunities to increase revenues through quality monitoring

While its widely known that positive customer experience can increase revenues by up to 125 per cent, new research has revealed that one in five organisations don’t measure the quality of customer service they deliver.

Of those that do, one in five still use paper as their main method of tracking quality. These are just two of the startling findings of a new UK Quality Monitoring Survey conducted by Agilisys.

The survey, carried out in February 2016, contacted over 3000 individuals from private and public sector organisations to understand how they are approaching the role of quality monitoring and measurement, in response to the increasing strategic importance of customer experience.


Lack of resource

The survey shows that there remains a great deal that organisations need to do to evolve their customer experience offering, based on more effective quality monitoring. However, nearly half of all respondents (47 per cent) said they lacked resource to deliver the quality measurement and insight their organisations want to see, while 51 per cent said they needed better evaluation and reporting tools to deliver accurate results.

Agilisys is using the survey to establish how quality monitoring is evolving and how organisations can best embrace techniques and tools to increase the quality of the customer experience they offer. Quality and experience sit at the heart of the Agilisys strategy, with the organisation managing over 12 million customer interactions every year through digital, voice and face-to-face channels.


‘Surprising figures’

Barrie Collins, client solutions director at Agilisys, said: “The UK Quality Monitoring Survey reveals some surprising figures that suggest many organisations are overwhelmed by the task of monitoring customer service quality.  This is partly due to the growth in the number of channels they have to manage, and partly due to the complexity of a technology landscape that offers so many tools promising to measure the quality of every customer experience.”

The UK Quality Monitoring Survey is the first of its kind to be conducted by Agilisys. Full results of the survey are due to be published at the end of March.

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