12 principles of data security

As data breach after data breach hits the news, the public sector is under enormous pressure to ensure that the sensitive information it collects is kept safe. Can these 12 key principles keep your citizens’ data secure?

With 90 per cent of large organisations reporting a data breach of some kind in 2015, the public sector has good reason to be wary. But under the intense pressure, organisations are responding in a variety of different ways — and not always for the best.

Fortunately, a wealth of information is available to help the public sector negotiate these murky waters. One excellent example is the guidance provided by Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) on ‘securing technology at OFFICAL level’.

arvato’s whitepaper “Leveraging HMG’s ‘OFFICIAL’ Guidance to Secure Personal and Financial Data” is a comprehensive overview of this valuable guidance and how it can be used to safeguard critical citizen information.

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