Tech firms invited to apply for place on Innovation Birmingham’s Serendip Smart Cities Incubator

RWE npower has joined with Innovation Birmingham to offer early stage tech or digital businesses the chance to secure six months’ free business accommodation and expert mentoring, with the aim of driving innovation through its Serendip Partner Challenge.

To apply, early stage businesses have to respond to specific challenges set by the energy company, themed around the Internet of Things.

Information on these challenges can be found on the Innovation Birmingham website. These range from developing connected home software solutions to creating new ideas for easier connected sharing of products and services for consumers.

Applications are also being welcomed from start-ups who have their own technology or Internet of Things related businesses.

If successful, the new start-ups will be based at iCentrum – which sits at the heart of Birmingham’s ‘Knowledge Hub’ – and will have six months’ free high-tech office space, complete with furniture and connectivity, in the Serendip Smart Cities Incubator.



They will also be encouraged to work collaboratively with experts from RWE npower, to refine and market test their products and services. Candidates will also be exposed to a wealth of information through specific start-up and innovation focused workshops, be part of a regular series of industry events and benefit from an exclusive business mentoring programme from industry experts.

Neil Pennington, director innovation for RWE npower said: “RWE npower has four innovation hubs across the globe in Berlin, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Birmingham – and sees the hub in the West Midlands playing a key part of its global development programme.

“Innovation Birmingham has a great record for attracting and developing tech start-ups and we’re excited to be working alongside them to launch a new challenge dedicated to energy.

“Together, we’re on the search for talent and fresh thinking to blend with our own capabilities and in-house expertise. We believe our approach in collaboration and partnering will give us a much faster speed of innovation whilst supporting promising UK-based businesses to develop and prosper and capture a large share of the emerging new intelligent energy market.”

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