Government introduces online application process for 2016 BPS

Farmers and agents can now begin submitting online applications for the 2016 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) has announced.

The government says that since the Rural Payments service went live for 2016 BPS over a fortnight ago, thousands of farmers and agents have logged on. The service extension now means users can log into the service to check details, make any required changes, complete declarations and submit an application.

Applicants can view and print their application and, if no changes are required, they can simply make their declarations and submit it online. Those who need to make changes can update their application, check it is correct and submit it online.


Online benefits

The government suggests that submitting applications online has a number of benefits. Applicants will immediately receive confirmation that their application has been submitted successfully. They can also print their application for their records. The Rural Payments service will make checks before the application can be submitted, which will help applicants get their data right.

The service includes built-in checks to give applicants guidance on meeting greening rules, completing information about their land correctly and making the right declarations.


Working well

RPA chief executive Mark Grimshaw said: “The Rural Payments service is working well and some 10,000 entitlements and over 31,000 hectares of land have been transferred so far. Anyone who wants to submit an application for the 2016 Basic Payment Scheme can now do so.”

Full ‘how to apply online’ guidance is available on GOV.UK and around 18,000 paper application packs are being sent to those who have not applied online before.

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