Police to get more tech savvy in order to fight crime

A Modern Crime Prevention Strategy that embraces technology has been launched by home secretary Theresa May.

Speaking at the Home Office’s International Crime and Policing Conference in London, May stated plans to give police forces the capability to draw together data from a number of sources to make it more usable and give technology suppliers single point of contact.

The plans, outlined in the Modern Crime Prevention Strategy highlight the importance of better use of data and analytics in policing in order to facilitate modern policing.

The strategy states that the Police Transformation Fund will help police forces enhance their capabilities to prevent crime, including cybercrime and child sexual exploitation, and government will use the Home Office’s convening power to bring together relevant partners from across the private and voluntary sectors to find innovative solutions to new challenges.


New crime

May said in a speech: “Today, the equivalent of open windows and insecure car locks are weak online passwords, insecure mobile phone technology and forgetting to keep security features up to date. In fact, GCHQ estimates that 80% of cybercrime could be prevented by better passwords, security software and remembering to download all software updates, which generally fix bugs that hackers can otherwise use to gain access.

“Most of us have little idea how easy it can be for cyber criminals to get hold of our personal details online, or how much of our personal information is shared by the various apps we have downloaded onto our phones and tablets. So the Home Office has developed a new risk assessment tool to help people understand, on the basis of their online and offline behaviours, how vulnerable they are to fraud, cyber and financial crime, and what steps they can take to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.”

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