PHSO cuts telecoms costs by moving into the cloud

PHSO, the body responsible for considering complaints made by the public against government departments, public authorities and the National Health Service in England, is now saving over £50,000 each year in telecoms costs thanks to a switch to a cloud phone system.

The PHSO previously had a traditional phone system in place that covered two sites and around 500 seats at the Millbank Tower in London and an office in Manchester. However, that system had become increasingly vulnerable to power outages and did not provide the modern functionality that the PHSO needed to best serve those using its services.


Integrated system

The PHSO selected open source cloud phone specialists Foehn to design and deliver a new system which has been running since the beginning of 2016. It comprises 500 seats, 300 at its London Millbank office and 200 in Manchester, as well as two call centres with 24 and nine seats.

The cloud phone system has the ability to integrate into the PHSO’s new case management system providing call recording and accurate call reporting and analysis.

Whilst not the main driver for change, the solution has enabled the PHSO to significantly lower its telecoms costs and deliver better for less. Apportioning costs is also now much simpler, with each extension and call cost associated with that extension invoiced monthly and directly to the relevant cost centre.


Boosting capacity

“We needed to change because the phone system we had wasn’t robust and lacked any capacity for growth and flexibility,” explains PHSO IT services manager, Nicky Dowland. “Also it didn’t have any modern features such as detailed reporting and analysis, nor call recording, and didn’t integrate with our case work management system. The phone system is pivotal to the operation of the PHSO because we rely on it for incoming calls from people wishing to learn more about our service or to begin the process of making a complaint.”

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