Wandsworth goes digital and doesn’t look back (video)

Wandsworth Council is one of the latest local authorities to realise the huge benefits for customers, and the council itself, of digitising its services with Agilisys Digital.

In this video, David Tidey, assistant director of IT and business management, takes us through the council’s transformation.


Transforming services

“Wandsworth wanted to change the way customers interacted with us on the website. We did a big review of our customer interfaces and decided that the web needed improvement,” says Tidey.

“So we decided to go out and purchase a customer portal solution and we decided to organise that as a framework agreement for London boroughs that would allow others to buy into the same solution as us.

“We went through an EU procurement process and selected the Agilisys Digital platform as our solution at Wandsworth.”

Find out more about Wandsworth’s journey below:

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