One in ten admit to ‘honest hacking’

New research has revealed that a significant number of Britons are hacking one another’s emails and social media.

The study by the Manchester-based Online Spy Shop  found that ten per cent of Brits have hacked into another person’s social media or email account for what they deem to be “honest” reasons. The study also revealed:

  • Two in three of us are ‘accidental hackers,’ having inadvertently logged into someone else’s account
  • A total of 90 per cent of ‘accidental hackers’ failed to log out immediately
  • And half who stayed logged in performed at least one action in the account
  • An alarming 22 per cent of us admit deliberately trying to access partner’s social media at least once – and one in three of those guessed the right password

Excuses for ‘ethical snooping’ uncovered by the study include:

  • Investigating infidelity
  • Helping someone make a surprise marriage proposal
  • Tracking down a missing person
  • Being asked by a significant other to check messages


Accidental hackers

The research added that 62 per cent of Britons have accidentally hacked their partner’s social media account, either by logging in on a shared computer or finding the account already logged in. Of those who inadvertently logged in to their partner’s account, only one in ten immediately realised their mistake and logged out.

Nearly half (48 per cent) of those who stayed logged in performed at least one action. The other half claimed to have logged out after realising they were in the wrong account.

A dishonest 22 per cent admit deliberately trying to access their partner’s social media accounts and of those who’ve tried it, almost one in three guessed the right password.

Facebook is the social media platform most likely to be accidentally hacked. A total of 76 per cent of those who admitted accessing someone else’s social media, either deliberately or by accident, used Facebook.

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