How cloud is helping DVLA support digital transformation (video)

Is cloud really being used by UK public sector to successfully deliver significant projects and support the digital transformation of public services? Can migration to cloud really reduce costs?

A new video and case study detail how it’s being used by DVLA to do just that.

DVLA was challenged by the government to deliver three citizen services online. Following the government’s Cloud First policy, DVLA opted to host all three exemplars in the cloud. Banked and projected savings from moving the services online include over £15m from the way the projects were delivered. Further substantial savings were achieved because drivers and third parties serve themselves online instead of using the DVLA call centre. The adoption of these self-service options have helped DVLA deliver savings to the taxpayer of £17m a year. These significant cost savings are a great example of what is possible in terms of using new technology to improve citizen services whilst reducing costs.

But cloud doesn’t just deliver reduced costs. Other significant business benefits can also be realised by adopting cloud to include quicker, easier procurement, improved quality of service and greater security.

Download the case study and watch the video here for details of how cloud can support digital transformation and help reduce costs.

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