UK citizens going increasingly mobile

The rise and rise of mobile tech usage in the UK shows no sign of abating as more Brits are using mobile devices to watch television and surf the net instead of televisions and PCs.

The switch of device usage was highlighted in two reports published by regulator Ofcom.

The first, Adults’ Media Use and Attitudes, provides detailed insight into media use, attitudes and understanding among UK adults aged 16 and over. It covers TV, radio, mobile, games and the internet.

The survey found a considerable rise (10 percentage points over a year to 16 per cent) in the proportion of adults who only use smartphones or tablets to go online, rather than a PC or laptop.

The second report, UK Audience Attitudes towards Broadcast Media, explores adults’ attitudes and opinions towards television and radio broadcasting, and related areas such as programme standards, advertising and regulation.



In the reports Ofcom states that the move away from PCs and laptops towards smartphones and tablets “has the potential to make an impact in a number of areas, including how companies target users with their content”.
Ofcom went on to say that the UK public is increasingly only using apps and services “they are familiar with and comfortable using – 42 per cent of respondents use apps they are confident and comfortable with.

The report warns that consumers could therefore miss out on valuable content, pointing to the role “digital intermediaries” like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Amazon now play in communicating company and organisation messages to the public.

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