New CRM to create opportunities for council

East Hampshire District Council has signed a deal with CRM specialist Optevia that will see the introduction of a new customer relationship management system (CRM).

The CRM, which will be based on a Microsoft Dynamics system and, the council says, it will be used for commercial operations aimed at raising revenue to replace the need for its share of council tax.

The move is part of an overall strategy to become “council tax free” by 2024. East Hampshire says that nine per cent of the council tax it collects is retained with the rest passed on to other local public authorities.

The council says the CRM will also allow for more targeted personalisation of services so that they can be delivered when and where they are needed.


Commercial benefits

East Hampshire is also looking at ways for the CRM to be used to benefit the council commercially. Tickets to a music festival hosted in the district are already being sold online but there are plans to use the platform to raise commercial sponsorship for targeted messages to groups of its residents, utilising the easy retrieval and unlocking of data.

Full details of the strategy are still being worked on and further details will be announced shortly.

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