Government reiterates commitment to publishing open data

Matt Hancock, minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, joined ministers from other countries at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) steering committee meeting to discuss their commitment to making governments more open, accountable, and responsive to citizens.

The UK was recently ranked first in the world on the World Wide Web Foundation’s Open Data Barometer. The UK government said it is committed to being the most open and transparent government in history – remaining at the forefront of a global transparency revolution that is changing governments for the better. As a result, the UK recently surpassed 27,000 datasets of published data on


Country first

The UK was the first country to commit to a publicly available register of information about the real owners of companies and is a Lead Steward for the International Open Data Charter. This builds on the G8 Open Data Charter, with principles for the release of open data that all governments can adopt. We are now working with civil society on the UK’s third Open Government Action Plan to take our transparency plans even further.

The UK will host an international Anti-Corruption Summit on 12 May. As well as agreeing a package of actions to tackle corruption across the board, it will deal with issues including corporate secrecy, government transparency, the enforcement of international anti-corruption laws, and the strengthening of international institutions.

This is the first summit of its kind, bringing together world leaders, business and civil society to agree a package of practical steps to expose corruption so there is nowhere to hide, punish the perpetrators and support those affected by corruption and drive out the culture of corruption wherever it exists.


Leader on transparency

Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, Matt Hancock, said: “The UK is a leader on transparency. In the UK we are completely rethinking how we use and open up our data to benefit the citizens we serve. We are the most transparent government ever, using the best data to develop the best services for citizens.

“By releasing more data, we are also helping our companies prosper by creating new services for the public such as apps to reduce travel time and every day we get better at publishing more data for businesses.

“Increasing openness and tackling corruption are two sides of the same coin. Corruption is a huge challenge.”

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