GDS to publish PSN performance data

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has started to publish performance data obtained from the Public Services Network (PSN).

GDS says the data is to be made public in an attempt to make things “simpler and clearer” for public sector PSN customers around the UK.

In a blog post the GDS said the ability to set network performance targets, as well as monitor and maintain them, is a key characteristic of the PSN. The PSN is the government’s high-performance network, aiming to help public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources.

The good news is that the data shows that the PSN is performing better than originally planned and well within the design targets the GDS set its network providers.


Useful data

The GDS added that when customers buy any network service, they’ll sometimes pay for a specific performance level that a service provider will commit to.

If that provider delivers is outside of these levels users can use the newly published data to find out why. The data shows the network performance that users actually experience on the PSN.


Data collection

Simon Foster, author of the blog, added: “We’ve only just started collecting this performance data, and it will take a little while to see what “normal” looks like, but there’s already some interesting patterns starting to show up.

“For example, there’s a suggestion of a weekly pattern in the data, and we can also see that there was some network reconfiguration on a couple of days that caused a few packets to get delayed or dropped.

“Knowing what “normal” looks like helps us spot things that are unusual, and enables us to do something quickly about them. Of course, it’s not a substitute for what the network providers are doing in real time to detect and rectify incidents, but it does give us a way to dig into things with service provides and investigate retrospectively anything significant that looks out of the ordinary.”

Memset,  British SME supplier of cloud hosting services to the UK public sector, went live with its PSN accredited data centre facility a year ago.

More on the PSN is contained in the GDS blog, which can be found here

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