MSPs to go digital in the chamber

MSPs are to be allowed to use electronic devices in Holyrood’s debating chamber with immediate effect, says new presiding officer Ken Macintosh MSP.

In one of his first actions since taking office, the presiding officer has instructed that the chamber’s WiFi system be switched on while Parliament is sitting.

The change will open the way for Members to work digitally in the chamber, to access information online during debates, and even engage in social media discussions on parliamentary issues.

Macintosh said his ruling should be interpreted liberally and that he would not be prescriptive in telling parliamentary colleagues how to exercise their new online freedom, as long as members continue to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect.


Work digitally

The presiding officer said: “I have decided to change the guidance on conduct in the chamber to allow members to make greater use of electronic devices. With that in mind, I have arranged for WiFi to be enabled in the chamber for members’ use for parliamentary purposes.

“My decision is in line with the Parliament’s commitment to invest in online access to allow members to work digitally. It is part of my ambition to promote a modern, accessible parliament.”

Last week a set of standards to drive the Scottish Government’s ‘’ online platform was published.

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