Scottish authorities support shared chief digital officer plan

The majority of Scottish councils are backing digital transformation plans that will be led by a single chief digital officer.

So far 26 out of Scotland’s 32 elected local councils have signed up for the joint strategy, which was signed off by the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and the Local Government Digital Transformation Board earlier this year.

The job description says that the chief digital officer will need to “apply their on the ground experience of driving the transformation of an organisation, with the networking and relational skills, strategic mind-set and vision to lead in helping local government be digital in an increasingly digital world”.

The recruit will also be expected to build a credible, experienced digital team and develop a wider virtual team working with regional level collaborations as well as working well with partners that include the Scottish government, Scotland Excel, SEEMiS, NHS NSS, Improvement Service and SOCITM.

Lorraine McMillan, chair of the Local Government Digital Transformation Board and CEO of East Renfrewshire Council said: “We expect the chosen candidate to understand what it means to be digital but this is more than technology; this will mean being a champion for the customer, for simplification and for outcomes over process.

“Success will ultimately be measured against enabling demonstrable savings, a shift to digital public services, and a culture shift that is driving and sustaining change across local government.”

Further information on the role can be found here.

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