GDS invites feedback on updated Technology Code of Practice

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is updating the Technology Code of Practice – and is asking for user feedback on the latest draft.

Commenting in a blog post, Andy Beale, the government chief technology officer, says that the Code of Practice is being updated so that it remains valid in today’s world. The guidance was introduced in 2013 to provide a roadmap for the best way to design, buy and build technology and digital services to meet user needs.

In drafting the new Technology Code of Practice, the GDS has tried to write a document which provides:

  1. a clear statement of what a good approach to technology looks like
  2. a flexible, context-sensitive framework to assess technology plans against

“We want government to continue to be a smarter user of technology, and to do that government needs to be a smarter customer,” said Beale. “The new document reflects an increased focus on good commercial behaviours. “We also want to recognise the variety of strategic, commercial and business contexts in which government technology work happens, and enable departments and agencies to deliver great technology that meets their needs.”


Clear goals

Beale added that the GDS wants the new Technology Code of Practice to:

  1. encourage a more mature approach to sourcing IT in government, supporting departments moving away from large aggregated contracts to the preferred multi-supplier contracting model
  2. continue to promote competition and diversity of technology suppliers to government, both by improving buying practices and by making government a more attractive and willing customer of innovative, new technologies
  3. help people determine the ideal target state for their technology services and make better decisions on when to design and build solutions and when to use off-the-shelf products or commodities
  4. promote a more adaptive approach to technology, based on clear principles of good practice as well as the context in which technology will be planned, bought and used


Your help needed

Following publication of this draft version, the GDS is inviting input on:

  • whether you understand what this document is for
  • whether you understand what we think a good approach to technology is
  • whether you agree with our view of what a good approach to technology looks like
  • whether you think you could use this document to inform your technology plans
  • whether you understand what the GDS spend controls will be looking for

Those wishing to share their views can email the GDS before the deadline on Friday 8 July 2016.

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