Mayor to ‘act as champion for London’s tech sector’

A ‘champion for London’s tech sector’ is the ambition of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

In a letter written to mark the opening of London Tech Week, the recently-elected Mayor said it was his aim to ensure London retains its position as the best city for digital entrepreneurship in Europe.

In the letter, Khan said: “I was elected on a pledge to be the most pro-business Mayor ever and, having helped to run a successful business, I know what it takes and what a big responsibility it is. I will work closely with the tech community to remove the barriers to its further growth, and help make London a more prosperous city for all. London’s tech sector has got unique opportunities and also unique challenges, and I will act as its champion to ensure we keep our position as the best city for digital entrepreneurship in Europe.

“My plans include the establishment of a ‘tech talent pipeline’ to ensure young Londoners have the digital skills they need to access jobs in the sector. As part of this, I want to see more girls encouraged to work in tech to reverse the under-representation of women in the industry.

“It is also vital we improve our digital connectivity so I will make it a priority to work with partners to tackle London’s ‘notspots’ and treat digital infrastructure with the same status as other key public utilities.”

London Tech Week, which runs until 26 June, features a host of networking, social, learning and business opportunities for the entire technology ecosystem.

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