Agilisys Care Launched To Meet Cost & Capacity Challenges in Social Care & Health

Agilisys, one of the leaders in digital transformation across the public sector, is this week launching Agilisys Care – a unique fusion of enabling technology platforms and tools that provide an effective and efficient solution to the current and future challenges to social care and health.

In an environment of reduced budgets, an ageing population and a stream of new social care legislation, social care requirements are changing dramatically. Agilisys has developed the Agilisys Care solution to provide a new model of care; empowering people, bringing down costs and supporting multi-agency, integrated delivery across local authorities, NHS, private and Third Sector care providers.

  • Agilisys Care is an innovative platform made up of user-engaging, self-help tools, including:
  • Information and advice modules
  • Care-act compliant self-assessments for adults, children and carers
  • Support plans that assist citizens in areas such as managing their personal budgets
  • A dedicated marketplace allowing citizens to purchase and access services and products
  • A fully integrated, flexible and low cost payment system delivered by Modulr

Agilisys Care brings together a network of inventive, assistive technology solutions including Alcove and Modulr.

Alcove, a disruptive ‘telecare’ replacement solution that supports independent living, provides real time data from wireless sensors (motion, temperature, light, enuresis, chair & bed occupancy) alongside an in home video communication aid and wearables (smartwatch and fall detector button) to provide regular and personalised checks, alerts and video calls.

The data-driven service supports preventative care, keeping people living independently in their own homes for longer and out of residential care.

Modulr is a flexible technology-driven business which funds platforms that provide everything local authorities need to distribute funds to service user, control and report spend and enable low cost efficient payments to service and product providers.

Agilisys Care offers far more than other systems currently on offer; and it is informed by Agilisys’ experience and unique understanding of the current issues facing people and their providers.

This platform drives down cost and will provide a much-needed capacity boost to services. Agilisys Care clients report impressive results in managing demand, with around a 38% reduction in abandoned calls and around 30% released capacity to focus on complex care and the most vulnerable.

The data from Agilisys Care can also be used to map the user journey through the care system. This information can then be used to inform health and wellbeing decisions in the future, supporting early interventions within the care cycle that prevent intensive, costly, and often unnecessary care requirements later on.

Nigel Muirhead, Director said:

“Agilisys Care empowers people – providing them with the tools to manage their care and health needs safely within the community. We take the time to stand in the shoes of our users and we know that Agilisys Care will have a transformational impact on social care provision, as it was driven by them, for them. Agilisys Care provides better outcomes, for more people, at less cost, with lower risk.”

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To find out more about Agilisys Care, click here.

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