London peer group launched to steer GDS implementation

LocalGov Digital has launched a London peer group to support councils in implementing its Local Government Digital Service Standard.

In April this year LocalGov Digital published the Local Government Digital Service Standard (LGDSS). The standard was inspired by the Digital by Default service standard for central government services created by the Government Digital Service (GDS) which has been adapted and is used around the world.

Now that the LGDSS is in place, LocalGov Digital is looking to identify how we should implement a service standard in a local authority context, to help provide a common approach to delivering user-centred digital services. As a result, the organisation is looking to understand how to bring together expertise from across the sector to collaborate and support each other, including through regional peer groups.

The first regional peer group meeting will be held in London, with support from the Greater London Authority. Everybody involved with creating and delivering digital services at councils in London are invited to discuss how to make better local services using the LGDSS, and how everybody can work together as neighbours to use their collective skills and experience to improve services across the region.

If you work for a council in London and would like to come along on Thursday 7 July, please register your attendance.

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