Peterborough City Council adds 220 new Gigabit City connections

Less than two years after CityFibre began construction on its Gigabit City network, Peterborough City Council has trebled its utilisation of the pure fibre infrastructure with an order for a further 220 new sites via its ICT Managed Service Provider Serco.

The sites comprise CCTV cameras, wifi connections and a network of information traffic system locations. By migrating these sites from legacy connections on BT Openreach to CityFibre’s pure fibre network, the Council says it will not only increase its technical capabilities, but reduce operating costs.

Once connected, the new sites will enable the Council to introduce high-definition CCTV and wifi-based cameras that can be moved around in place of fixed point cameras. With increasing reliance on CCTV for security and traffic management purposes, movable HD cameras represent an invaluable upgrade to their capabilities.

Moreover, the network architecture employed by CityFibre in reaching the street furniture associated with the CCTV and traffic control locations is identical to that required in future 4G and 5G wireless small cell deployments.


Connecting public sector sites

The Peterborough Gigabit City network now comprises in excess of 90km of pure fibre and duct infrastructure built originally to connect 107 public sector sites including schools, council buildings and health sites. Like all CityFibre’s infrastructure projects, the network was made available on a wholesale basis, enabling ISPs to offer local businesses with affordable gigabit speed internet services. Hundreds of businesses throughout the city are already connected.

John Harrison, corporate director for resources at Peterborough City Council said: “This investment in extending our city’s fibre network will further enhance Peterborough’s reputation as a Gigabit City. These new access points will enable us to improve our CCTV and traffic management solutions while allowing for future roll-outs of citywide Wi-Fi and future proofing the city for future developments in a world of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

“It is no secret that we are well on our way to being one of the world’s top ‘smart cities’ after being crowned Smart City of the Year 2015. Our partnership with CityFibre is just one of the many ways we are investing in growth, innovation, skills and sustainability with the goal of making Peterborough a better place to invest, work and live.”

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