IPA report on major government projects reveals mixed results

The government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has published its annual report on major projects for 2015 to 2016.

The IPA’s annual report looks at the 143 major projects in government, including 36 ICT projects. Two of those projects – the Home Office’s Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and the Department for Transport’s (DfT) move to the Cabinet Office’s shared service centre – are rated red.

In all, 17 government IT projects are rated red or amber/red by the IPA, meaning their likelihood of success is low if prompt action isn’t taken to address the main issues.

The report does however show that government has made significant progress on crucial projects that will improve transport, security and public services across the country. A number of projects have also been completed, including major change programmes such as Electricity Market Reform and IT services such as Spine 2 which provides the critical infrastructure on which vital NHS applications depend.

The IPA was created when Infrastructure UK and the Major Projects Authority merged in January 2016. It provides central oversight by supporting departments, standardising assurance for ministers and providing transparency for taxpayers. It is the government’s centre of expertise for project development, financing, assurance and support.

Tony Meggs, CEO of the IPA, said: “This year’s report details progress made on government’s largest and most challenging projects and programmes. The report provides clear evidence of the beneficial effects of project oversight through the government’s Major Project Portfolio. Progress remains steady, but there are still too many projects which remain in the low delivery confidence range for too long.

“We have a number of initiatives under way which are designed to improve performance over time including an increased focus on early intervention, a new performance measurement framework, continued development of the project delivery capability in government, and establishing and supporting a peer group for departments engaged in transformation projects. These initiatives will help us to ensure that taxpayer’s money is wisely spent.

Those wanting to find out more can view the government’s major projects data here.

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