Liverpool and Salford City Councils collaborate on digital technology platform

SAP SE has partnered with Liverpool and Salford City Councils on a new digital transformation programme.

As part of the agreement, the councils will collaborate on a technology platform to deliver a range of initiatives designed to reduce costs while providing access to new digital solutions alongside their existing SAP ERP capabilities.

The new tools will enable simplified infrastructure, enhanced planning capabilities and ultimately, more efficient and user-friendly services for their citizens. Each city will also work on its own private, secure network on the platform.


Collaboration on government-wide framework

As with many other public sector bodies, Liverpool and Salford City Councils are seeking ways to deliver technology innovation across their IT infrastructure and digital services but are faced with budget limitations which have made it difficult to migrate to next generation solutions. The collaboration will enable them to streamline their operations, reduce costs and provide more efficient and effective services for their citizens.

Importantly, as part of a government-wide framework, this new partnership will also serve as a model to demonstrate how other local authorities can align with each other to upgrade their legacy IT infrastructure and save costs.

“Salford City Council has always recognised the importance of innovation and collaboration to develop new business solutions that will allow public bodies to work together, share costs and drive real transformation in our cities,” said Salford’s City Mayor, Paul Dennett.

“This collaboration provides an exciting opportunity for us to maintain the quality of front line services and at the same time develop a technology platform that could support the wider economic growth in our regions. Together with Liverpool City Council we’ll be able to implement an affordable solution that allows us to focus on the growing needs of Salford’s residents.”

The City of Salford and The City of Liverpool have already started to implement the SAP solutions and will continue to work with SAP throughout the process to ensure a successful roll-out by 2017.

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