Notify starts to use notifications system for digital services

The live notifications element of the Gov.UK Notify has started to be rolled out for a number of live digital services.

People applying online for UK passports or for lasting power of attorney are the first to receive electronic progress updates from the Notify system.

GOV.UK Notify aims to make it easy to keep people informed, by allowing service teams across government to send text messages, emails or letters to their users, before they get anxious enough to call.

Currently, each individual system uses its own methods to send status messages – or none at all. Over time, GDS hopes that Notify will become the standard for all digital public services.

GDS says that, as well as for passports and power of attorney, the service is expected to be launched next for student loans, voter registration, UK visas and the Digital Marketplace. Up to 70 other services are expected to follow soon after.

“Whether you are a parent applying for a passport, a student checking your finances or a business owner seeking to work on government contracts – we want to make it as easy as possible for you,” said the newly appointed Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer.

“In Notify, we have developed an impressive, cost-saving product that can be used across any government department for lots of different services – making it easier for the public to interact with government and keep track of their applications and requests.”

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