Shropshire Council set to launch digital transformation programme

Shropshire Council is set to launch its digital transformation programme – if approval is provided at a full council meeting this week.

The ICT Digital Transformation programme outlines the council’s ambition to redesign how the council delivers services and manages operations. The proposed transformation aims to make interaction with the council and its services easier and more cost-effective.

The transformation programme will focus on social care and back-office systems, to enable Shropshire Council to transform the delivery of services.


Improved efficiency

The council says digital channels offer a more efficient way for residents to interact with the council and that time and money saved will support frontline services, such as support for vulnerable adults.

By adopting a more integrated approach, the Digital Transformation programme will enable staff to work anytime, anyplace and anywhere – closer to those who may need support. The program is part of wider efforts to enable Shropshire Council to respond and adapt quickly to changing residents and council needs.

The programme document submitted to councillors also states that efforts will be made to improve visibility of data and reduce information duplication. A hybrid cloud platform has been recommended to take on most IT applications, integrated with recognised solutions for social care and back office processes.

If the transformation programme is approved, it will bring a significant financial benefit of £36m over a five-year period; with a considerably higher benefit over a seven to ten-year period, the normal ‘lifespan’ of a similar transformation programme.

Michael Wood, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for corporate and support, said: “As digital technologies continue to transform our daily lives, we need to make sure that we keep pace with this by providing a joined-up solution. Shropshire Council will, through implementing the recommended approach for the ICT Digital Transformation programme, reduce overall running costs, reduce the number of systems it uses, manage these centrally and improve its online services to customers, making the website the place of choice when requiring information or services from the council.

“Our programme is well placed to take full advantage of all economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by the digital age. The use of technology will improve services to residents, make interaction with the council and its services easier and more cost-effective, enabling us to concentrate resources where they are most needed.”

Photo credit: Shropshire Council

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