Wandsworth residents use Agilisys Digital MyAccount to access online council services

More than 34,000 people living in the borough of Wandsworth now use the Agilisys Digital MyAccount portal on the council’s website to access available council services, following its launch a year ago.

Of these, two thirds use the portal to view their council tax accounts and make the most of online benefits such as e-billing. Prior to the implementation of Agilisys Digital, residents had to create different online accounts for accessing different services.

The citizen self-service platform provides local residents with easy online access to a range of vital services all in one place including council tax, benefits and environmental reporting, and can be used across multiple devices, 24/7.


Parking and benefits around the corner

Over the coming months new services will be added to the portal, including parking and enhanced options for council tax reduction and housing benefits. As new services move across to the portal they will appear automatically so account holders will not need to sign up again.

The council’s finance spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said: “We have launched this one-stop shop because it makes it much easier for our residents to access council services online.

“This saves their time, and reduces costs for us – savings we can pass on to council tax payers. We estimate savings of nearly £23,000 just from customers viewing their council tax eBill online and so not receiving a paper bill in the post.

“Plus there are more savings because residents are ‘self-serving’ whenever they want, rather than contacting the council by phone, email or letter.”

Agilisys currently works with more than 50 local councils across the UK, and with over 15 years of experience in the public sector, is well placed to recognise and understand the changes facing the public sector.

Tim Pitts, managing partner for Agilisys Digital, said: “We are delighted with the progress Wandsworth Council has made over the last 12 months. We are confident that as additional services are introduced to the portal, they will continue to see numbers of self-service users grow, which will release further savings for the council.”

Find out more about how Agilisys has supported Wandsworth Council on their digital transformation journey here or visit www.agilisys.co.uk

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