Technology ‘at least as good as you have at home’ – target for Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has set a goal of providing technology for staff that’s at least as good as they have at home, so they can work in modern, flexible and collaborative ways.

That’s the message shared in a blog post written by Arif Harbott earlier this week. In the post he stated that you can learn a lot by looking at the computers, laptops and mobile devices used by your staff at work and at play.

“Employees often have super-fast wi-fi and the latest devices at home, but have to put up with creaking PCs and snail-paced connections in the office,” he added.


Harming productivity

Arif added that outdated technology can harm productivity, reduce mobility and generally disrupt work.

“At the moment it can take staff a long time just to log on, involving layers of encryption and multiple passwords,” he wrote.

“Desktops are well past their prime and heavily locked down, so staff can’t take advantage of the latest browsers, software and apps. There are no tools for instant messaging, video conferencing and collaborating on documents.

“Staff on the move can’t use their own smartphones to open work emails. They have to use an official BlackBerry or an expensive encryption app, known as a secure container.”


Future aims

The Ministry says wants its staff to have fast devices with invisible security, collaboration and messaging tools for work on the move, up-to-date software and a choice of devices to suit individual needs.

A set of nine guiding principles have been created to guide the transformation, which cover security, cloud computing and the storage of data on devices.

“We don’t underestimate the size of this challenge,” concluded Arif. “However, it will be worth it if we can create a smaller, smarter department where technology helps us do a great job, rather than being a barrier and source of frustration.”

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