Is it possible to ‘achieve’ digital transformation?

The UK’s use of and access to digital technology is evolving faster than ever. Between 2006 and 2015, the percentage of adults accessing the internet daily rose from 35% to 78%. In 2015, 33% of all internet users preferred to surf via their smartphones – an increase of 22% from the previous year.

As technology evolves, consumer expectations expand, forcing public-facing organisations of all kinds to adapt. In 2014, experts at Liferay declared that for the public sector, achieving digital transformation would be the greatest challenge in a generation. But is ‘achieving’ digital transformation really possible at all?

A new survey by Liferay has found that among more than 200 senior public servants, not one considered their organisation to be “almost finished” with digital transformation – suggesting that public sector organisations do not consider digital transformation to have a set end goal, but to be an ongoing process.

How, then, can the organisations adapt to this new reality of continual transformation? And what hurdles do they still have to overcome? In its new whitepaper, Liferay delves into the driving factors behind digital transformation in the public sector; the changing role of digital teams; and how organisations both public and private can embrace an ongoing transformation.

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