NHS Trust rolls out integrated records management

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust is to join up and share digital health and social care records across the region following successful completion of a pilot programme.

The test aimed to deliver more integrated care to heart failure patients by using InterSystems HealthShare health informatics platform across the area’s health and social care community.

The Trust is using the platform to build comprehensive digital health records for every patient. The shared virtual record follows them through their healthcare journey, regardless of the location or service. The platform will be integrated across acute, community, social care and GP services all will be provided to over 3,000 clinicians.

Funding for the initiative was received through the Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards Technology Fund.


Successful pilot

As part of a pilot programme, the heart failure team at Torbay Hospital used the system to help improve the way they work by streamlining information sharing and helping them care for some of the most vulnerable patients.

Gary Hotine, director of the health informatics service at the trust, commented: “HealthShare enables us to get every part of the IT ecosystem hooked in, but, most important, it is powered by a shared clinical vision.

“After the success of the pilot project, the next stage is a roll-out to the area’s health and wellbeing teams. We are confident that the work we have done so far puts us in a strong position to deliver on the promises we have made to NHS England, and the responsibilities we have to our patients.”

The scalable solution is flexible and adaptable to meet the trust’s requirements now and in the future.

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