Public sector must deliver value for the taxpayer despite cloud security concerns

A recent survey has revealed that security is still the biggest concern when it comes to cloud use amongst public sector organisations, which in turn is hindering the adoption of beneficial cloud technologies.

The survey of  100 UK IT decision-makers from the public sector by managed service provider Annodata, found that security is still a major concern among 63% of public sector organisations. However, recent statistics from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) demonstrate that perceptions around cloud security do not necessarily match reality, with only 2% of organisations in its research stating that they had experienced a breach of security when using a cloud service.

While security should remain a concern public sector organisations need to find a way around it so they can remain productive and deliver value in today’s digitally advancing world, stated Annodata.

Joe Doyle, marketing director at Annodata, said: “Public sector organisations have understandable apprehensions when it comes to cloud usage due to the heavily scrutinised arena in which they operate. They need to maintain strict control over sensitive data, which is heightened due to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Security should remain a priority for public sector organisations but this should not hinder cloud adoption. Smarter technology now means that data and documents can be more secure than ever, especially when document management involves best-in-breed software and bespoke applications that prevent unauthorised access, limit device access to particular users and/or departments and clearly identify users.

“By hosting data in the cloud, organisations are able to benefit from the regular overhaul of quality hardware and the service provided by expert technicians without incurring a large cost. This is a major benefit considering the public sector is under pressure to achieve value for money and better ROI.”

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