GDS seeks councils to join project pilots

“Eligible councils” are sough by the Government Digital Service (GDS) to participate in a Verify pilot.

Two pilot projects are planned in order to develop a commercial model to be used across local authorities.

After consulting broadly with the sector, the organisation has decided to start with older people’s concessionary travel and residents’ parking permit services. This, it says, is because they are services that lots of local authorities are looking to transform, and both could benefit from using GOV.UK Verify.

This analysis was based on joint GDS, DVLA and local authority discovery events in July 2016. DVLA will continue to work with GDS on these pilots to inform services it is building, although DVLA timelines will mean it cannot commence technical work during the piloting phase.

“We’re likely to focus on the first-time application for these services, but participating councils will get to collectively decide their highest priority at the beginning of the project,” the GDS said in a blog post.


The vision

In the pilot councils will commit to collaboratively redesigning the local service to make it as great as it can be, using common standards and GOV.UK Verify. GDS will support the process with service design, user research and technical guidance, business case development, and project co-ordination.

The organisation had already carried out a pilot in Warwickshire, joining up the local authority, Verify and a service from the Department for Work and Pensions to allow people to apply for a Blue Badge online.

As part of the pilot, GDS will offer Verify free of charge.

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