Quarter of local authority procurement polices fail to support G-Cloud

The government should work harder to sell the benefits of the G-Cloud framework to local authorities, according to new research conducted by Eduserv.

The not-for-profit tech firm says a quarter of councils’ procurement policies do not support the use of the procurement framework, suggesting the government’s cloud-first procurement policy isn’t filtering down into local authorities.

The Up In The Air: The State of Cloud Adoption in Local Government in 2016 study, compiled using local authority responses to Freedom of Information (FoI) requests, discovered that:

  • 39% of councils have a formal cloud IT strategy
  • 27% claim their procurement policies do not support the use of G-Cloud
  • 3% don’t know what their council’s policy is regarding G-Cloud


Size matters

The research also found that smaller councils seem particularly resistant to using G-Cloud. Just 21% of the 100 largest councils lack a formal policy to support the framework, compared with 37% of the 100 smallest authorities.

Half of all the councils that responded to the FOI requests confirmed that they do use cloud technology in some form or other, which points to alternative procurement routes being used to acquire the relevant services.

The authors of the report commented: “We found that cloud is being used by half of local authorities, but we also found a widespread absence of IT strategies and policies which support its adoption among the majority of smaller councils, and half of the largest ones.

“Smaller organisations in any sector often have the most to gain from cloud, to reduce IT cost, increase resilience, gain easy access to sophisticated IT solutions and ensure flexibility and responsiveness in IT use. Yet only a minority of smaller local authorities appear to have got to grips with the role cloud might play in their future business plans.”

The full report can be downloaded here.

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