Brits happy to embrace health tech

Research has revealed that the UK public is ready to welcome future tech into many areas of their lives, with 60% saying they expect technology will improve their future wellbeing.

The good news for those involved with digital developments at the NHS is that 77% of those surveyed said that healthcare should be the focus of technological advancement – that’s almost double those who think it should be space exploration (29%).

Asked to imagine the world in 2036, almost half of those questioned by Nesta ahead of its FutureFest event 49% said DNA sequencing and editing presents an opportunity to be explored further, whilst 68% think technology presents an opportunity for food production.

Around a third of Londoners said they would be happy to be microchipped if it allowed them to access their work devices and smart home technology (36%), eat meals in pill form (28%) and take part in pheromone or DNA-matched dating (27%).

Yet despite the UK public’s enthusiasm for technology, the research did reveal some misgivings. More than half of Brits (53%) worry that people will become more and more isolated and only 28% expect technology to have a positive impact on levels of employment. Overall, just over one-fifth (22%) of people said that they were optimistic about the future.

Geoff Mulgan, chief executive of Nesta, said: “A flood of new technologies is set to change our daily lives – from self-driving cars to implants, gene testing to augmented reality.”

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