Land Registry awards planning and delivery partner contract

The Land Registry has confirmed that it has awarded its Planning and Delivery Partner contract to PA Consulting.

This procurement forms part of a major transformational programme to transfer responsibility for Local Land Charges (LLC) from the 326 local authorities that currently hold them to Land Registry.

PA Consulting will support Land Registry with both delivering and populating a single, digital LLC Register. This will provide a source of LLC information that standardises the format, turnaround time and price of search results. The contract will run until 2023.


Eliminating paper processing

In a blog about the LLC Programme lead architect Ian Edmunds said the Land Registry will draw on its long track record of digital innovation to create a Local Land Charges register that works for everyone.

“This will be a purely digital service built in line with government digital standards and deployed in the cloud with an aim of completely eliminating any paper processing,” he said.

“Customers will be able to inspect any and all charges recorded by a local authority and order the LLC search product, the LLC1, from Land Registry. It will be Land Registry-branded so they’ll be able to buy with confidence.”

Data will be ‘migrated’ from the local authorities’ systems to the central register in stages, with the teams learning from the process at each stage.

The local authorities will then be responsible for keeping the register updated.



Ian emphasised the register will be built in a truly transparent way with the full involvement of its future customers at every stage.

“It’s important the people who will use it help us build it,” he said. “The more feedback we can get, the better the product will be.”

“This is not just a technical project. It’s about people. The most important thing is the impact on the market, the impact on people’s daily lives.”

The teams will identify and work with a range of user groups to ensure the service meets their needs.

“Every fortnight we have a ‘show and tell’ to which anyone can come along,” said Ian. “We’ll also publicise what we’re doing through blogs and news articles and by going out and meeting people in person.”

“We’ve already done that with all 326 local authorities and we intend to continue to build on those relationships.”

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