Management capability and security holding back Cloud adoption


Recent research into the public sector’s implementation of Cloud services has highlighted that concerns over management capability and security are holding back its adoption.

The Agilisys Cloud Adoption Survey 2016, conducted in partnership with Digital by Default News, offers some interesting insight into the main challenges respondents associate with Cloud migration, and the issues Cloud service providers must address in order to engender more widespread adoption of Cloud in the public sector.

Chief among them, as would be expected, were the data security and compliance implications closely associated with shifting client and other sensitive information into the Cloud. Around three-quarters (73%) of those surveyed cited data compliance and security as a major challenge.

Many public sector organisations may be worried about the security risks of shifting complex legacy systems to the Cloud, and given the highly scrutinised arena in which they operate, it is understandable that public sector organisations are wary of rocking the boat. There may also be some tensions over the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which mandates that businesses must comply with or face substantial penalties in the event of personal information being lost or stolen, and which is likely to apply to the UK regardless of Brexit.


Unfounded concerns

However, research indicates that these concerns may be unfounded. According to recent statistics from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), perceptions around Cloud security do not necessarily match reality: only 2% of organisations in its research stated that they had experienced a breach of security when using a Cloud service. Any security risks can be further minimised by using Public Services Network (PSN) compliant and International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accredited Cloud services providers.

The report’s authors commented: “Data breaches can be high-profile when they take place, and so there may be a perception that they are more widespread than they truly are; but with expert implementation and sound oversight, public sector organisations should have little to fear from transferring data to the Cloud.”

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