Survey reveals truth about quality monitoring programmes

The first Agilisys UK Contact Centre Quality Monitoring Survey has uncovered some interesting findings about the effectiveness of many quality monitoring programmes

The study, which was distributed to over 3,000 individuals from private and public sector organisations, delved into into how organisations approach quality monitoring and the tools and technologies they use to measure customer experience.

Over one third of respondents admitted they do not have the time to monitor quality properly, with the same number confirming they need better evaluation and reporting tools to do the job. Just under one third of respondents also said they needed more resource to deliver effective programmes.


Technology the key

According to the authors of the survey report, transforming the contact centre relies on resource, technology and expertise.

“While there is consensus among organisations that more resource is needed, the most critical requirement is for better tools and a better understanding of how to apply these tools to their quality processes,” they said.

“Success comes as a result of deploying the right technology at the right time and targeting it in the right way, ensuring that the insight captured is useful and valuable. With multiple channels to measure and limited resource there is no doubt that software and automation has a major role to play in quality monitoring.”

The report continued: “While technology cannot replace the human element of customer interaction, it can remove the pressure on resource by automating repetitive data gathering and analytics processes, freeing experts to interpret results and apply them to business strategy.”

If, as this report shows, organisations running quality processes aren’t early adopters or early majority users of technology, there is a great deal of catching up to do.

The UK Quality Monitoring Survey is the first to be conducted by Agilisys, an organisation that understands the growing complexity of omni-channel customer operations from managing over 12 million customer interactions every year through digital, voice and face-to-face channels.

Full results of the survey and further information about Agilisys Quality and Insight can be found here.

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