Nokia and Bristol Is Open to develop open programmable city

Nokia is forming a partnership with Bristol Is Open, the ambitious joint venture between the University of Bristol and Bristol City Council to create an open programmable city.

Nokia will trial, test and demonstrate new and emerging capabilities on Bristol Is Open’s city-scale digital research and development network.

Nokia is contributing a combination of funding, technical staff and Nokia Bell Labs expertise to Bristol Is Open. This will set the groundwork to support trials of various Nokia capabilities at scale whilst developing the company’s leadership position in smart cities.

The technical work that Nokia will be collaborating on will help fully deploy smart city solutions using the existing infrastructure within Bristol Is Open.

Joan A Garcia Espin, platform delivery director for Bristol Is Open, said: “By working with Nokia we will continue to extend Bristol Is Open’s technology platform capabilities so that it will provide richer support to experiments aimed at finding solutions to urban issues such as traffic congestion, air pollution and even assisted living for an elderly population. I am therefore very much looking forward to working with Nokia on their range of applications for Bristol Is Open’s experimental platform.”

Nokia’s involvement is set to begin in the autumn and will firstly look at video analytics from Bristol’s CCTV system consisting of over 1,700 cameras.

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