LocalGov Digital invites views on co-operative move

LocalGov Digital has launched a consultation on its plans to become a community co-operative.

Currently an informal volunteer network, LocalGov Digital would seek to change to a model that incorporated formal membership of a co-operative, asking for a financial donation from individual members with membership also being available for organisations and supporters.

In a news story, LocalGov Digital says now is the time to change in order to think about the next iteration. it says it wants to:

  • keep growing its network and welcoming new members
  • find new ways to work together
  • work more effectively with partner organisations
  • keep developing the network as a real driver for change in local public services.

the news story continues on to say that moving to a co-operative membership model will provide the framework to be clear about the organisation is and what it wants to achieve. It also provides opportunities for the network to potentially seek funding. The proposal put forward is as follows:

  1. We seek to create a community cooperative to provide a vehicle for LocalGov Digital during the first quarter of 2017

  2. We seek to introduce a membership offer for individuals

  3. We seek to introduce an individual membership fee in the form of a financial donation – the current thinking is £1 to ensure everyone has an equal stake as a member

    Additional considerations:

    1. The membership fee would be a one off payment, or

    2. The membership fee would be an annual recurring payment

  4. We seek to develop and introduce an offer for organisations building on the LocalGov Digital Service Standard sign up process

  5. We seek to apply criteria for accepting sponsorship to align with the Values and principles of the cooperative and the LocalGov Digital Service Standard.

Share your views

LocalGov Digital is inviting your views on its proposals. You can tweet @localgovdigital or email feedback@localgovdigital.info, before Friday 16 December. You can also read individual views from Network members on this proposed changes here.

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