State of digital readiness in the UK and Germany compared

How ready are you for digital transformation? What are the biggest barriers to the delivery of digital services in your organisation? Do you have the right skills within your organisation to deliver your digital strategy?

In an era where all organisations – especially those in the public sector – are being urged to embrace digital transformation, those questions above are just three of the many that you need to ask.

Being digital ready is no easy feat – and to get a snapshot of current progress Cisco earlier this year reported on progress in the UK and how it compared to Germany.


Leaders and laggards

The good news for us here in the UK is that, of the two, the UK is slightly ahead. The study showed that UK organisations achieved a digital readiness average score of 75 on a 100-point scale, compared to 72 in Germany for leaders in the sector and 44 and 47 respectively for laggards.

This compared to a global overall figure of 77 for leaders and 48 for laggards. Although the laggards can close the gap there is some chasing to do given the significant lead that the leaders have, the survey found.


Mixed results

Part of the benefit of digital transformation is the ability to better flex and react to changing market conditions with IT agility crucial to this. Yet despite their apparent digital readiness, the study showed that less than half of organisations could deliver on IT requests for existing services in less than 48 hours.

This included simple requests such as provisioning a desktop or mobile phone or installing an application on an employee’s laptop. Only a third of UK organisations were able to do so within the 48-hour timeframe, compared with 40% for Germany.

Lead times to provision new IT infrastructure were also drawn out. More than 75% of new projects required more than a week to provision infrastructure globally and in the UK only 15% of projects are able to be implemented within a week, compared to 21% of projects in Germany and 23% globally.

Internationally, 29% took a month or more to provide infrastructure for new services, compared to 26% for Germany and 35% for the UK.

There was also a worrying lack of uniform compliance on security policies. In the UK 65% were compliant (also the global average) compared to 60% of German organisations.

Security was cited as the biggest challenge for 43% of IT leaders globally; the same amount in Germany and 42% in the UK.

“In a world where new competitive business models can change your market in weeks having an agile, digital ready IT organisation is a clear necessity,” said Inbar Lasser-Raab, Cisco vice president of infrastructure and digital solutions marketing.


Have your say

If you’ve ever wondered how your peers are progressing on their journey to digital transformation, and how their efforts measure up to those of your organisation, here’s your chance to find out.

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