UKCloud announces fresh wave of cloud storage pricing cuts

UKCloud has announced its tenth round of price reductions, which are phased from 1st January 2017, across two of its most popular services: Cloud Storage and Enterprise Compute Cloud.

The company says the cuts are a result of significant economies of scale and investment in hyper-converged infrastructure.

UKCloud’s latest price reductions conveniently coincide with price hikes elsewhere in the industry, particularly from US corporations.

Customers with large-scale requirements will pay 1.5p per GB per month; a reduction of 66%. Customers with smaller requirements will see the price of their services fall by almost 80%, from 9p per GB per month to 2p per GB per month.

“We’re delighted that our continued growth means that we can pass on these savings to our public sector customers,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud. “While we’re now well known for introducing price cuts on a regular basis, our tenth wave of reductions coincides with cost increases from other providers, most notably US corporations. This means that not only are our services genuinely UK sovereign and as such, our customers’ data is never subject to far reaching foreign data privacy issues, but they are also more cost competitive than ever before.”


Further reductions

Various virtual machine sizes on UKCloud’s Enterprise Compute Cloud will also see significant price drops from 1 February 2017. Due to the continued growth of its platform, UKCloud has experienced additional scale economies that it is passing on to its customers. These apply to its largest virtual machine sizes of the power service type, commonly used by customers to run databases and other large enterprise applications. Prices of these larger virtual machines are being reduced by up to 43 percent; for example, a virtual machine previously costing £1.05 per hour will now cost just 60p.

The new price reductions will apply to both the Internet connected Assured official cloud platform, as well as UKCloud’s unique Elevated official cloud platform, which provides the scalability and flexibility of a genuine cloud platform in the lower risk environment of public sector networks.

“We welcome UKCloud’s continued focus not only on client service, but also client value,” commented Joanna Smith, CIO, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. “The business case for using cloud is continually strengthened as additional price reductions are realised. This reduction of storage costs made possible by UKCloud’s continued growth and scale have the potential to deliver immediate savings and increase value.”

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