Barts Health Trust recovers from trojan attack

An attack on the IT systems at Barts Health Trust was caused by Trojan malware and not ransomware as initial reports suggested, the NHS Trust has confirmed.

A statement from the organisation added that the particular virus had never been seen before and, whilst it had the potential to do significant damage to computer network files, measures to contain the virus were successful.

Barts Health discovered the attack on Friday 13 January and took immediate steps to contain the virus in the Trust’s computers. The virus was successfully quarantined and all major clinical systems are now up and running.

The Trust added that no patient data was affected, there was no unauthorised access to medical records, and its anti-virus protection has now been updated to prevent any repeat attacks. In addition to the Trust’s core clinical system Cerner Millennium, Radiology and imaging from X-rays and scans continue to be used.

The computerised pathology results service is now back online and processing requests as normal.

Ransomware attacks on hospitals are becoming more and more common – nearly half of all NHS Trusts have been victims of attacks at one time or another.

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