New Service Toolkit released by GDS

The Government Digital service (GDS) has launched a new Service Toolkit – a single page that brings together all the things that are available to help teams building government services.

According to a blog post, the new kit meets the following needs:

  • people building government services need to find guidance easily and know that it’s up to date so they build a service to the current Digital Service Standard,
  • they need their work to be consistent with other UK public services so that users trust the service and are familiar with how it works,
  • they need to find out the best way to solve a problem and not waste time duplicating work someone else has already done.

The toolkit features a number of links to various standards, resources and service data, all of which follow the Government as a Platform principles, which include meeting a common need and making things easy for the user.

Over time the toolkit will expand to include contributions from the rest of government, the blog added.

The new Service Toolkit can be found by clicking here.

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