Cybercrime on the rise, latest figures show

Latest figures from The Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that cybercrime is on the rise.

Following an extension of the coverage of the Crime Survey for England and Wales to cover cybercrime, experimental statistics showed there were 3.6 million fraud and 2.0 million computer misuse offences for the first full year in which such questions have been included in the survey.

Other industry data on financial fraud, the vast bulk of which is unreported to the police, showed there were 1.9 million cases of card fraud on UK-issued cards (an increase of 39% from the previous year).

Commenting on the findings, Henry Rex, Programme Manager – Justice and Emergency Services at techUK said: “Today’s figures from the ONS emphatically demonstrate the changing nature of crime. While many more ‘traditional’ forms of crime are falling, the 3.6 million fraud cases and two million computer misuse offences last year present a significant new challenge for police forces nationwide.

“In order to tackle cybercrime and online fraud effectively law enforcement agencies must be equipped with the right tools and digital skills. Only by having a close partnership with industry can the police ensure that they have access to the resources and capabilities they need.

“In our recent report Digital Policing: The Future of Modern Crime Prevention, techUK outlined the models and mechanisms that would enable the police to access industry capabilities in an agile and practical way. We look forward to working with the Government, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and police to ensure the UK is well placed to keep the public safe from this evolving threat.”

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