Cardiff set to unveil Europe’s first citywide deployment of bay parking sensor tech

Cardiff City Council is to roll out smart parking technology across the city.

Delivered by Smart Parking, Europe’s first citywide deployment of bay sensor technology will transform the parking experience through a combination of the following technologies:

  • the installation of over 3,000 infrared vehicle detection sensors in on and off street locations;
  • the use of ANPR technology at off-street car parks across the city;
  • variable message signage strategically placed throughout the city, directing motorists to available parking; and,
  • the introduction of SmartApp, the real-time parking availability and guidance smartphone app.

Cllr Ramesh Patel, Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Sustainability, said: “The City Council’s primary focus is to encourage public transport, cycling and walking and encouraging people to leave their cars at home. We do understand that sometimes travelling by car is necessary, either because public transport routes are not available or viable.

“This technology will ensure that people travelling by private car are able to find their car parking space quickly and easily. This will have a number of benefits, notably helping in our aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality levels in the city centre.”

Through Smart Parking’s back office processing and analysis platform, SmartRep, the council will also gain better intelligence on parking activity in its parking facilities.

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