Chartered Institute for IT looks to boost apprenticeships

As National Apprenticeship Week continues, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has appointed John Pritchard as Head of Apprenticeships.

This brand new role will see Pritchard working to raise awareness of the importance of digital apprenticeships, as well as working with BCS partners to provide excellence for the digital IT apprenticeship standards.

Pritchard commented: “As National Apprenticeship Week 2017 highlights, apprenticeships are a great way to start a career.

“As was identified in the Government’s Digital Strategy there’s a skills gap in this area and digital apprenticeships enable young people to build the academic, practical and behavioural skills they require for success in digital professions. They also help create the talent that is vital in boosting the UK’s diverse digital economy.

“Apprenticeships benefit organisations by allowing them to recruit, and grow their own IT teams and develop the talent they need for the future. This will become even more important as we edge ever-closer to Brexit.

“BCS aims to facilitate the apprenticeship community – training providers, employers, schools and universities – to ensure that we are all working towards giving young people the right opportunities and skills that employers want. This is vital if we are going to avoid the potential massive skills gap which is forecast in technology.”


Digital apprenticeships are vital in addressing skills gap as identified in Government’s Digital Strategy released last week. With the UK needing 134,000 new tech specialists every year, two in five companies seeking to recruit tech specialists say it is hard to fill vacancies

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