Environment Agency extends IT contract with Capgemini UK

Capgemini has extended its contract with the Environment Agency in the UK that will see it continue to deliver its IT services for a further 18 months.

In place since 2009, the project has previously won the 2016 ISG Paragon Award for ‘Pragmatic Project Delivery’ and shortlisted for the Green IT Project of the Year category at the 2015 Business Green Leaders Awards.

The results that have been achieved so far include reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 1,500 tonnes; an agile response to the most recent flooding crisis; as well as the establishment of a new IT platform to support the Environment Agency’s longer-term ambitions.

The extended contract will see Capgemini continue to deliver its cost effective, sustainable outsourcing IT service, while allowing the Environment Agency to carry out due diligence as part of its tendering process for new suppliers as it transitions to a multi-sourced supply of IT services.

Capgemini can also assist with the Defra digital transformation programme, which aims to modernise Defra’s and the Environment Agency’s IT provision, reduce duplication and cost, while transforming the service for the end user.

The contract will be managed through Defra’s UnITy programme, a framework for procurement that aims to provide modern, common ICT services to the department.

Chris Howes, Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Defra, said: “We are delighted with the opportunity to continue our work with Capgemini as a result of this contract extension. This represents an excellent deal for us both. It will enable a smooth transition of services across Defra and the Environment Agency, and provide us with a greater level of resilience, business continuity and stability, essential for our business, our teams and our customers.”

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