FCO Services and techUK to host digital workshops

FCO Services and techUK are joining forces to host a series of workshops on the opportunities to partner with FCO Services and deliver world-leading tech solutions for Government.

The FCO Services Transformation Hub is a marketplace for digital innovations, technologies and research, providing its government and public sector customers access to fresh thinking and the latest opportunities.

Through the Transformation Hub, FCO Services is looking to innovate with techUK members to distil, market and deliver government digital services faster, better, cheaper and securely.

FCO Services and techUK will host five workshops providing you with the opportunity to share your leading-edge ideas and market powerful smart technology, including big data analytics, internet of things and blockchain.

At these workshops FCO Services will outline their current capabilities and customer challenges, enabling initial exploratory discussions.

Workshop themes

1. Cloud security and encryption 10 May 2017

Ways to secure information when transmitted or stored at rest. Ensuring messages are sent and received by the right people without the risk of interception. Building on standard office productivity suites such as those provided by Microsoft and others.

Vision: i) Can be used securely around the world ii) using any technical infrastructure and, iii) using any telecoms provider.

2. Big data tools and analytics 16 May 2017

Harness government data sets, including transactional data to uncover hidden and identify data patterns and correlations. How, in practise, could patterns in citizen, market trends, preferences or behaviours make government more efficient? For example, improve international deployments by delivering a digital toolset that support traditional in-country insights?
Vision: Understand patterns and trends in data on a real time (or up to 15 minutes lag) basis.

3. Internet of Things 19 June 2017

Collecting and exchanging data through networked physical devices, smart devices and buildings.
Vision: i) To understand the risk points to entry into secure networks ii) understand second factor authentication and, iii) using several connected devices to prove people are who and where they say they are.

4. Blockchain 11 July 2017

Security and transparency is at the heart of government. Verifiable government transactions should reduce the reliance on backend verification and tracking systems and processes.
Vision: Can blockchain transparency significantly improve the efficiency of government to supplier, and government to citizen transactions? What are the savings and which government services should be prioritised?

5. Secure mobile device management 14 July 2017

Being able to have conversations, whether by voice or data, with another party in a secure way.
Vision: i) using devices anywhere and, ii) wiping of devices if intercepted.

The workshops are free for all attendees and take place at 10 St Bride Street, London.

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