White paper reveals the eight steps to successfully embedding digital culture

A new white paper that aims to show how organisations can instil a digital culture has been published.

The 8 step plan to build a digital culture outlines the essential steps required to establish a sound digital culture and has been produced by Agilisys alongside one of its partners, AVADO, and authored by digital culture expert Martin Talks.

The paper establishes that the key to driving digital transformation is culture change, yet it’s this area where many organisations fail.

The eight steps outlined include advice on how to develop leaders for the digital age, why it’s not all about digital, enabling people to embrace and lead the transformation, perfecting processes, and effectively tooling up digitally.

“Effective digital transformation can never be achieved unless you build belief in your staff that digital can help your organisation, your people and society to achieve a positive future,” says Talks in the paper. “[This paper outlines] eight steps to go about building a culture for the digital age in your organisation.”

To download The 8 step plan to build a digital culture click here.

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