Councils can save millions through digital self-service, research finds

Digital self-service can save councils millions, according to a new survey by Software Solved.

The software development specialist surveyed more than 350 senior managers across 250 public sector organisations, including 100 typical city councils, and discovered that digital self-service technology – if implemented correctly – has a projected cumulative cost saving of upwards of £2m over a five year period.

The survey also found that the introduction of digital self-service for the majority of council services is a key priority. In fact, it revealed that councils are aiming to have between 50% and 75% of council services based around digital self-service in the next three to five years.

Digital self-service would see the current customer proposition transformed to better fit our 24/7 society and expectation of being able to do everything online and in our own time,’ commented Anthony Peake, managing director, Software Solved.

“The value of being able to access information and key services out of hours across multiple platforms and devices is paramount to citizens, especially in professions where the working hours can be antisocial.”

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