Non-technical staff ‘just don’t get IT’, research reveals

Recent research has highlighted the persistent disconnect between IT workers and their ‘non-technical’ colleagues in the perception of their job role, their roles and responsibilities and even how their performance ought to be judged within a business.

The study by Jobsite found that in some instances, office workers are even drawing conclusions as to the competency of IT professionals, even as they admit they have very little understanding of the very technical work they carry out.

You just don’t get IT found that 67% of IT professionals felt colleagues did not appreciate the complexity of their work.

Part of the problem, it says, is a lack of understanding about what IT staff do. In fact, 85% of office workers admitted to not knowing how to resolve basic IT problems. Three-quarters of the IT professionals interviewed did not expect this to change, claiming that colleagues made no effort to be educated about IT.

This is exacerbating the problem, because half of office workers notice IT’s work only when something goes wrong. As a result, IT departments across the country feel a lot of their best work goes unnoticed.

The study’s authors added that, to make matters worse, non-IT staff are judging IT staff despite their ignorance about their work. More than half (51%) think IT staff work more slowly than them and 87% get frustrated with IT staff.

In response to their findings, Jobsite has created a video, starring real life IT professionals sharing the most common misconceptions and frustrations they face.

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