TfL joins ‘first of its kind’ government innovation programme

Six fast-growing UK and international start-ups, alongside transport industry experts, are participating in a new innovation programme designed to help keep London moving.

The three-month programme is the first time Nitrous has worked with Transport for London (TfL) to manage and deliver such an initiative.

Following several hundred applications and a three-month process, including a final selection by a range of experts at TfL, each successful start-up will now be working to reduce congestion on the public transport network and/or across London’s roads, and lowering levels of pollution.

By providing access to unique open data from government and industry, the programme is designed to help start-ups better support public sector innovation without the need for additional investment. The programme will provide the start-ups with a range of masterclasses, one-to-one sessions and networking opportunities. These will provide business-critical market validation and procurement knowledge to help ensure successful future collaborations in the short and long term.

A significant network of senior public sector and industry ambassadors – including C-level executives from Vodafone, Aston Martin and IBM – will gain first-hand access to new technologies, while sharing their expertise to supercharge the young companies.

The start-ups involved are Alchera Technologies, Blubel, Faxi, NumberEight, Pedals and TravelAi.

George Johnston, CEO of Tech City Ventures, commented: “There’s no shortage of fantastic ideas in the UK, but achieving commercialisation in the public sector is arguably the biggest challenge for start-ups – with society ultimately losing out. With Nitrous, we’re uniquely positioned to match market-leading innovation with some of the biggest challenges of today, all whilst ensuring the best return for government.

“Tackling mobility is critical to London’s growth and something we all experience first-hand whilst navigating the capital. It’s an exciting place to begin in the smart city model and we’re excited to be working with the world’s leading transport authority to make an impact.”

Stuart Reid, Director of Travel Demand Management at Transport for London, said: “As London grows and changes, we are continually looking for new ways to help our customers and extract better value from our open-data feed. I look forward to seeing the innovation and ideas that these start-ups generate and develop throughout this exciting initiative.”

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